Rev. Larry Atkins

All Nations Baptist Church as a congregation is humbled with God's blessing us to to be in his service for 30 years. In a dispensation of time where doctrine is being questioned and challenged worldwide, All Nations has maintained its intergrity in knowing that trials and tests are God's tools to increase and mature our faith in Him. In obedience to the Word of God, in the living testament of Jesus the Christ, and the stirring of the Holy Spirit, we strive for excellence in every area of our lives.

So, what we welcome you to is a supportive Christian family, a life style of holiness, and a victorious life through Jesus Christ, for our Lord has saved, healed, and delivered us.  He has empowered us to carry this treasure of a victorious life within us, and to share this with others throughout the earth.

All Nations Baptist Church has a mandate to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We know that evangelism is a great work in the church.  Therefore we believe in speading the  "Good News", to the very ends, (north, south, east, and west) of the Earth and establishing in concert with other believers the "Kingdom of God." 

We, All Nations Baptist Church, welcome you to an abundantly glorious eternal life in our Lord and Savior Christ!

In His Service,

Rev. Larry H. Atkins, Senior Pastor

Sunday School: 10:00am
Sunday Service: 11:00am
Wednesday Prayer and Bible Study: 7pm